Colourblock Collection

March 01, 2023 2 min read

Embrace Summer with our loud and contrasting Colourblock Collection apparels! Mix and match different pieces together to form a perfect piece of your own style! 

Think bright colours and funky style –Turquoise, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Mesh and Teal! If you love colourful pieces, this collection is definitely the one for you! Explore different ways to style your new set of workout clothing with a bright and cheerful look! 

Turquoise is a trendy colour which symbolises calmness and clarity. Here are some recommended pairing and styling for Turquoise:

Be ready to shine and stand out in the crowd with these pairings! 


Style 1: Ruched Crop Top (Turquoise)  x Pareo Skirt (Orange)

Style 2:Mesh Crop Top (Aqua) x Side Mesh Swim Bottoms (Turquoise)

Style 3: Ruched Crop Top (Turquoise) x Side Mesh Swim Bottoms (Turquoise)


If Turquoise is too bright for you, Teal is another option for you. It emits a more toned down and reserved look, somewhere between green and blue.   


Style 6: Crossback Padded Tank Top (Heather Green) x Swim Skorts (Navy)

Style 7: Revival Crossback Crop Top (Aqua) x DEFINE Capris (Aqua)


Red and Blue is a staple colour that can’t go wrong, check out the following bold pairings which you may not have tried before! 


Red x Purple, Blue x Green are some of the less common colour combinations that not many are daring enough to try out! Are you bold enough to try them out? 😉


Style 4: Crossback Padded Tank Top (Heather Red) x Quick Dry Shorts (Purple)

Style 5: Two-Way Cross Tie (Sky Blue) x Mesh Shorts (Dark Green)

Style 8: Asymmetrical Tankini (Cyan) x Intensity Side-panel Mesh Leggings (Navy)


If you prefer a more toned down look, you may try out Style 8, which still adds a pop to the overall look with the bright blue and navy combination. 

Moving on to Pastel and Candy-like shade, Pink, Purple and Blue! If you prefer a girly/ sweet look, why not try out the following style in your next workout/ swim session! 

Style 9: Reversible Crop Top (Dreamy Purple) x Intensity Side-Pocket Mesh Leggings 

Style 10: Toga One Piece Swimsuit (Sky Blue) x Pareo Skirt (Rose)


Colours play a vital role in life and in our daily outfit. It brightens up our mood, and changes our perspectives. 

Colourblocking is a trend that never goes out of style and adds a unique touch to your overall look. If you are bored of the plain and dull colours in your wardrobe, do give Colourblocking a try and you may just fall in love with it!