LIMITLESS背部网眼贴腿裤(配Keeperband®)(黑色)| XS-3XL




产品 A17BF0901Z40-BLK
上升高度 中期上升
压缩 高
材料 4向拉伸聚酯氨纶混纺

  • 网格镶板
  • 三角扣
  • 吸湿排汗,超透气
    适用于bikram /热瑜伽练习 
  • 凉爽手感和易保养面料
  • 防缩和防褪色
  • 拥抱的感觉
  • 核心参与支持 宽腰带
  • 隐藏式存储:Keeperband® 
    内建 KeeperBand®是扁平的管状存储 包含您所有必需的物品,例如iPhone,钥匙,ID和现金。 


    设计师笔记: 用网格将黑色分解!这对活泼的绑腿通过结合时尚和功能来支撑和使身体更加扁平。无论您是健身,跑步还是练习瑜伽,带Keeperband®的腰带都能保持您的核心力量,而我们的不透明面料使您保持凉爽,干燥和舒适。

    配件 (高弹性)
    尺寸 XS (英国4-6)腰围23-25英寸,臀围33-35英寸
    尺寸 小号 (英国6-8)腰围25-27英寸,臀围35-37英寸的措施
    尺寸 中号 (英国8-10)腰围为27-29英寸,臀围为37-39英寸
    尺寸 大号 (英国10-12)腰围29-31英寸,臀围39-41英寸
    尺寸 加大码 (英国12-14)腰围31-34英寸,臀围41-43英寸
    尺寸 2XL (英国12-14)腰围为33-36英寸,臀围为43-45英寸
    尺寸 3XL (英国14-16)腰围为35-38英寸,臀围为45-47英寸

    模特身高175厘米/ 5'9英寸。她穿着一码 小号 (小)。 


    1. 在冷水中用1茶匙盐预洗,以延长颜色。
    2. 最好用手洗。用冷水或温水轻柔地机洗。
    3. 使用机器时,请用类似颜色的衣服袋内外清洗。
    4. 请勿烘干,干洗或熨烫。
    5. 请勿使用漂白剂。 
    6. 不要用力挤压。不要浸泡或弄湿。 
    7. 旋转干燥以除去多余的水。
    8. 避免阳光直射。内外悬挂,在阴凉处晾干。
    9. 避免使用粗糙的表面,如岩石,这会损坏织物。 

    运动服注意事项: FUNFIT在我们的服装上使用高质量的染料,但是我们不能保证某些颜色的色牢度。潮湿时某些阴影可能会渗出或转移。 FUNFIT建议在使用这些产品时格外小心,并始终确保它们在与其他服装接触之前完全干燥。 

    Do follow this guide to extend the lifespan of your delicate swim and activewear.

    1. Pre-wash with 1 teaspoon of salt in cold water, to prolong colour.
    2. Best to hand wash. Gentle machine wash in cool or lukewarm water.
    3. When using machine, wash inside out in a garment bag, with similar colours.
    4. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron.
    5. Do not use bleach. 
    6. Do not squeeze too hard. Do not soak or leave it wet. 
    7. Spin dry to remove excess water.
    8. Avoid direct sunlight. Hang inside out, in the shade to dry.
    9. Avoid rough surfaces like rocks, which will damage the fabric. 

    Note: Always rinse immediately after use.

    Caution: FUNFIT uses high quality dyes on our apparel, however we cannot guarantee complete colour fastness on some colours. Some shades may bleed or transfer when wet. FUNFIT recommends taking extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before they come in contact with other garments.

    Fake tanning products will mark and damage swim and activewear. FUNFIT recommends taking extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before they come in contact with your swim and activewear. Some sunscreen lotions and tanning oils may mark or damage your swim and activewear.

    Customer Reviews

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    aking my gear from @welovefunfit for a coffee run. Featuring the top notch high waisted leggings in liberty print which comes with great core engagement support and wide waistband. I can feel the hugged sensation without feeling too overwhelming! The cool touch and easy care fabric also makes it ultra breathable. There are countless ways to pair the leggings and I choose to go with a plain white tank top. Let me know how would you pair it.


    Wearing S size for this High-Waisted Leggings in Liberty Print🦓

    The design is so pretty!!! @welovefunfit used a moisture wicking and ultra breathable material that is at the same time, easy to care for fabric which is shrink and fade resistant.

    This 4 way stretch polyester holds you close and has a core engagement support with wide waistband.

    Looks good, feels good!!


    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
    - Jim Ryun


    I love how yoga trained me to stay focused, stable and steady, both physically and mentally.

    Soft Leggings

    Im so ready to hit the gym with @welovefunfit ‘s outfit! With their leggings being so soft and airy, it really helps a lot with my sweat control when i feel more ventilation while exercising, Phew!