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Very comfortable

The cutting and material are very comfortable. I am actually thinking about buying one more!

Racer Gym Tank in Dark Grey (S)

Love it, love it!!! With the discounted price.... I will definitely back for more.

Love my Limitless Striped Mesh Leggings!

Very good quality, stylish and flattering, makes me want to exercise so I can wear them!

Excellent quality

Very good quality top. Use it for swimming and it so comfortable.
Easy to self collect at nex too

Fit Perfectly

Cutting fits me perfectly and material is very comfortable.

Hustle Gym Tank

Good quality at a great price!

“Squad” swimsuit in navy

Good quality, but would love if the rise is abit longer :)

Nice and comfy

Love fun fit items . Nice design and practical for serious swimming

Amazing quality

Fits really well and very good quality!

A different cotton sports bra!

Initially, i was hesitant to get the product because cotton & profuse sweating are not compatible. However, after trying it for my badminton game, it changed my outlook on cotton sports bra. There was no chafing. And i forgot i was testing the item while playing because the fit was perfect.

A perfect swimming attire for me!

I used to be uncomfortable swimming in tights because the previous ones i used have materials that are clingy to the skin. But with Funfit swimming tights, it was perfect for me. Now I prefer swimming using the tights, and i look forward to my weekly swimming day!!!

Love it!

Love the material and fits nicely too. Would be great if theres more swimdresses for selection!

Swimsuit love!

The swimsuit was really nice with the overall quality and not to mention the shipment and delivery was pretty quick! Did not expect it to come that early. However the only problem is I need to boost confidence in wearing this, too sexy for me but its really nice! Hope I can wear it soon. And would love to have more swimwear from your shop. Kudos and God bless!

Swim Robe in Cherry

I bought this swim robe which I simply love it as it is comfy and serves its use! Absolutely will recommend this to my family and friends!

Material does not cling, even if you are sweating

I am into various activities - swimming, badminton, jogging, yoga, walking. My preferred attire is shorts because I don't like to use a sports attire that extends all the way to my ankle because I sweat profusely, and I don't like the feeling of my sports attire clinging to my skin. Surprisingly, Funfit's Training Full Leggings does not. I have used it! I hope it will remain as is . . .

Awesome design.

The size guide was accurate for me. Love the fit. I was worried of the padding support at first but was happy with it whn I received n tried on. This design is nice n comfy, apart from lesser exposure to the sun, it makes watersportsore fun for me while still looking a little sexy yet dun have to worry too much if I have any unintended "indecent" exposure. Thank you for alwys having innovative designs. My second purchase with Funfit and will continue to support.

First purchase!

Fast delivery and item received is has shown from the site.

Mix match size

Perfect size for the top but not the bottom.. (: nevertheless, still a good buy with the sale

Great cutting

Cutting is so good and makes me looks slim in it. Really gives the confident for women of any size!

Nice material

What I like about the material of your swimwear is it does not weigh me down, especially when its wet, nor does it squeeze into my skin. I have used several brands (expensive, cheap) and Funfit is different. I enjoyed my swimming experience because I don't have to always adjust my shorts everytime I surfaced from the water


Excellent customer services with staff calling yo confirm delivery and availability before sending the items overs.

Bought a few items and must comment that Funfit is one of the few online swimwear who delivers good quality goods and excellent services.

Highly recommended

Very comfy...nice and trendy. Can b wear as a normal outing leggings. Highly recommended.

Very comfy!

I love the fit of these! I wish they have slightly longer versions also! But these work just fine!

Overall good

Quality of product is good, print is very nice. Could do with more sizes. The first top delivered was in the wrong size, but they rectifed the issue quickly.